We work with you, accepting and supporting individual choice for a better life, your life, your choice.

Here at Shine SC

We have a unique and dedicated team that works alongside individuals to promote choice and control around your engagement within our services.

We focus on capacity building through empowerment by reducing barriers and isolation.

Once you decide to engage with Shine SC, we sit down with you to establish your goals and needs then tailor a plan that best supports you to live your best life. Shine SC promotes individual choice around which support team member you wish to have working alongside you.

What's Included:

  • Access social and community participation
  • Transportation training
  • Individual skill development
  • Peer support
  • Supports within your home
  • Assistance with daily chores or appointments
  • Be supported to enjoy and engage in new experiences
Shine Social and Communities are committed to empowering, supporting, and enabling our clients, families, and carers to reach their goals.

What we offer

01. Empower

Our person-centred approach, we will:

  • listen to your individual needs and aspirations, completely a simple support plan best for you.
  • ensure you feel safe and ready to try.
  • promote individual choice and control.

02. Support

Our holistic approach, we will:

  • specialist services ensuring risk assessment and management plans.
  • match qualified and experienced support.
  • individual support within the local community building friendships, networks and connections.

03. Enable

Our solution focused approach, we will:

  • prioritise your personal goals, finding solutions to enable participation.
  • support with capacity building and ensure personal progress is achieved.
  • individuals build their skills and knowledge, increasing confidence and connection.

What our participants say about us..

Shine are awesome and help me.
They helped me set up my dog walking business with my friend Sara. And are good at helping when you need it.
Shine really help me at home supporting me to live in my own home.
The staff are really awesome & friendly.

Lauryn F

Shine support workers are all fantastic people. I have absolutely never had any problems.

Rachael C

Since I’ve joined shine I’ve met new people and I’ve gained more confidence. I still feel down at times but the visits form Shine lift me up. I think it’s a wonderful arrangement the way shine try’s to help people cope with life and I hope that will continue, please keep up the good work

David M

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