Supported Independent Living Sunshine Coast

Being able to live independently is a goal for many of us, and with Shine’s SIL services in Sunshine Coast, this dream can become a reality. Our unique program not only offers personalised support for individuals, but also helps to enhance autonomy and overall quality of life.

Supported Independent Living Sunshine Coast

Live life on your own terms with Shine Social

At Shine Social & Communities, we understand that everyone deserves to live their best life and have control over their daily choices and decisions. That’s why we offer supported independent living services to individuals in need across the Sunshine Coast.

Our SIL assistance helps widen support networks and develop crucial skills in daily living, all with the ultimate goal of helping individuals live as freely and independently as possible!

Are you or a loved one looking for additional support? Let us help create a happier, healthier, and more connected life for you or your loved one. Don’t hesitate to reach out and see how our NDIS-supported independent living services can assist you on your journey towards independence and fulfilment.

Trusted SIL Services Sunshine Coast

A Holistic & person-centered approach

Our SIL homes offer a comfortable and welcoming environment, along with three levels of support designed to balance independence and assistance. We are committed to promoting choice and freedom for every person in our care, because we know that each individual deserves the opportunity to live their best life.

1st Tier (SIL)

24-hour Supported Independent Living 7 days a week.

2nd Tier

Living and overnight support as needed.

3rd Tier

Daily support as needed under 28 hours per week linking with ILO.

Supported Independent Living Vacancies Sunshine Coast

Browse Our SIL Vacancies

Supported Independent Living Vacancies Sunshine Coast

Browse Our SIL Vacancies

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What our people say

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have to say about their experiences with Shine!

Excellent, caring, thoughtful support staff, who act in the client’s best interests no matter what issues/challenges are thrown their way.

Shine SC have supported my intellectually disabled daughter to live independently. My experience with Shine SC has been exceptional. Shine SC found suitable people for my daughter to live with, assist with looking for and applying for homes and now provides support in the home

Your Path to Independence with NDIS SIL

How Supported Living Makes a Difference

Empowerment Through Skill Building

Gain the skills you need to navigate life with confidence and independence. Receive support for simple daily tasks and access to resources to confidently manage various aspects of your daily life

Opening Doors to New Opportunities

Our unique living arrangement creates a supportive environment that not only ensures you can live autonomously but also provides opportunities for you to pursue your own goals and interests.

Build Connections & Meet New People

Experience the joy of expanding your social circle within a community that understands and supports you. Get the opportunity to make new friends and connections within your age group.

Support When you need it

Whether it's a helping hand with daily tasks or guidance during challenging moments, Shine Social and Communities are committed to being the reliable support you can count on.

Shine Social & Communities helper inside a SIL Sunshine Coast home painting participant's nails

Tailored Sunshine Coast Supported Independent Living Support

Let us help you find your dream home

At Shine, we are proud to offer supported independent living SIL services to individuals across the Sunshine Coast. We understand that every individual’s needs and preferences are unique, which is why our homes are specially designed with accessibility and independence in mind. This allows us to offer flexible housing options and provides residents with the opportunity to furnish their homes according to their tastes.

We strive to support individuals in finding their dream homes, and our dedicated team is here for you every step of the way. We work with you to ensure your journey to a fulfilling and supported independent living experience is seamless and tailored to your unique needs.

If you or a loved one are looking for SIL options in Sunshine Coast, don’t hesitate to contact us and see how we can support you in achieving your independent living goals.

Learn More About Supported Independent Living Sunshine Coast

Frequently Asked Questions

Supported Independent Living (SIL) is an NDIS (national disability insurance scheme) funded service that empowers individuals with higher support needs to live dignified and autonomous lives within their own homes. These spaces typically include skill-building support and other forms of care and coordination, but the ultimate goal is to help residents become as independent as possible.

  • Tailored assistance with daily tasks: From personal care and meal preparation to managing finances and transportation, SIL offers the support individuals need to navigate everyday living.
  • Skill-building opportunities: The program actively works to equip residents with the skills and confidence to handle tasks independently over time. This might involve practicing budgeting, using assistive technology, or mastering household chores.
  • Care coordination and support: A dedicated team ensures residents receive the necessary medical care, therapy, and other services to maintain their well-being and overall health.


SIL can be provided in various settings, including:

  • Shared living arrangements: Residents live together in a house or apartment with other ndis participants who also require support. This fosters peer support and a sense of community.
  • Individual living arrangements: Some individuals may choose to live independently in their own home or apartment with dedicated support workers and staff available.

Ultimately, Supported Independent Living is about providing individuals with the tools and resources they need to lead fulfilling and independent lives. It’s about recognizing their potential and creating a supportive environment where they can thrive in everyday life.

Learn more here: What is SIL?

Yes, the NDIS can fund Supported Independent Living (SIL), provided it aligns with a participant’s specific needs and goals. 

Similar to all NDIS-funded supports, Supported Independent Living must meet specific criteria.  The amount of SIL funding is determined by the level and type of support necessary for the participant to live as independently as possible. Their individual needs and circumstances are taken into account.

This is an assessment that looks into the functional status and support required for individuals eligible for supported independent living. Essentially, it determines what they require to live safely and independently and what needs they possess.

Individuals registered under the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) are automatically eligible for SIL funding, which can be used to cover the costs of private, shared, or community living arrangements, as well as live-in support services. In addition to NDIS registration, individuals must meet certain eligibility criteria in order to receive SIL funding. These criteria include having a disability that significantly affects one’s ability to live independently, being aged 18 years or older, and being an Australian citizen or permanent resident.

We currently have supported independent living vacancies across the Sunshine Coast, and in Dubbo

Get in touch with our team today, to find out more! 

The main difference between SIL (Supports for Daily Living) and SDA (Specialist Disability Accommodation) lies in the types of services they provide.

SIL focuses on support services that assist individuals in managing their daily living activities, such as personal grooming, cooking, and cleaning. SDA, on the other hand, is more related to accommodation and housing that has been specially designed and modified for extensive support.

As a registered NDIS provider on the Sunshine Coast and in Dubbo, we provide our Short Term Accommodation, NDIS Support Coordination, Individual Support, Camps & Getaways and much more! 

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