Supported Employment

Empowering the Communities of Sunshine Coast and Dubbo with Our Services

We offer participants the chance to engage in supported employment services, which assists them in developing their abilities and skills.

About Our Supported Employment Services

Participant-led supported employment services

Shine’s supported employment services are unique in that they are participant-led, meaning that all ideas for employment opportunities come from the participants themselves. Since 2019, we have been providing participants with the opportunity to engage in lawn mowing services. Participants are paid from their work, and all profits generated from these services are reinvested into Shine to expand our reach and provide more employment opportunities for people of all abilities. 

This approach empowers participants to take ownership of their work and helps to build their confidence and self-esteem. Through our supported employments, individuals are able to develop important job skills, gain valuable work experience, and achieve greater financial stability.

At the same, we are able to leverage the talents and interests of our participants to provide high-quality services to the community. 

Shine Coffee Van - Participant Making a Coffee

Proudly Supporting Local Businesses

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Excellent, caring, thoughtful support staff, who act in the client’s best interests no matter what issues/challenges are thrown their way.

Shine SC have supported my intellectually disabled daughter to live independently. My experience with Shine SC has been exceptional. Shine SC found suitable people for my daughter to live with, assist with looking for and applying for homes and now provides support in the home

Shine's Support Employment Lawn Mowing Service

Supported Employment with Shine

Lawn Mowing

Shine’s Lawn Mowing is a supported employment program that provides valuable work opportunities for individuals of all abilities. Participants are trained and equipped to mow lawns for the local community, including the lawns of SIL houses where some of our participants live. This program not only provides meaningful employment for individuals but also contributes to the overall beautification of the community.

By supporting Shine’s Lawn Mowing, individuals of all abilities are given the opportunity to build important job skills, earn a paycheck, and make a positive impact on the community.

NDIS Supported Employment

Shine's Coffee Van

Shine’s coffee van is a mobile coffee business that serves the Sunshine Coast community. It offers a variety of coffee, tea, and other beverages to local businesses and residents. The coffee van is available on weekends and for one off or regular events in the community or at your workplace, providing a convenient and enjoyable way for people to start their day or take a break from their busy schedules. 

Shine’s coffee van is committed to using high-quality ingredients, including locally-sourced coffee beans, to ensure customers receive the best possible products. 

By supported Shine’s coffee van, customers are not only getting delicious drinks, but also contributing to the success of a program that provides employment opportunities for individuals of all abilities. 

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